I have a background in Interior Design, having graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Interiors) with Merit in 2016. This has led me to be a very user-focused humanistic Architectural Designer.

I am very client-focused, using visualisations to help all parties understand the end visions. This could be hand-rendered floorplans, drawings or 3D models, alongside full architectural documentation.

I have a strong belief that the experience of the built environment, looking after and building for the environment are some of the most important factors in the design process.

Since graduating, I have been freelancing, further exploring my design praxis while continuing to widen and improve my skillset. In 2017 I was featured on the AutoCAD 35 Under 35 Young Designers list as one of the youngest as well as the only New Zealander among the 35. I am also an Architectural Designers New Zealand Intern Member.


I was featured on the AutoCAD 35 Under 35 Young Designers List in October  2017.

"Sara’s focus in design is ecological sustainability, a passion born from the experience of growing up in the coastal city of Dunedin, New Zealand. She’s turned that into an award-winning creative style, having designed a universal modular system to address the problem of sea-level rise on coastal communities based on the principles of Design for Disassembly. Design is a lifelong passion for Sara, starting as a child with bedroom consultations using graph paper, to now, where she uses AutoCAD to turn hand-drawn concepts into immersive visualizations."